Silly Billies

Silly Billies

£120.00 — Sold out

Silly Billies

Edition of 11
70 x 50cm
Dark blue and gold

£100 from each print donated to charity. (See below)
Will ship during week beginning 20th Nov

(Seconds/artist proofs will follow in January - these are prints with minor imperfections that did not make the full edition)

Charity info
From each print sold….

>>£25 will be put towards a food donation to help vulnerable families at the school I used to work at in North Belfast. Every year there is a food drive around Christmas and the donation goes directly and quickly to families that need it

>>£75 will go to Another World Belfast - a not for profit known for its message to SHOW SOME LOVE.
They work to provide practical projects that support our community and the planet that we share. They supply toiletries, clothing and personal care items for people who are struggling through inequality. Such as those experienced homelessness, refugees and asylum seekers and many more.

>>(£20 will be used by me for postage/packaging/tax/materials)

Silly Billies Image 2 Silly Billies Image 3
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I Like Big Mutts And I Cannot Lie
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Hole Food Diet
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