A Wing And A Prayer

A Wing And A Prayer

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"A Wing And A Prayer "

A linocut - made using one big hand carved block with gold hand painted detail.

Printed in oil based ink on 70 x 50cm on thick 300gsm print making paper.
As each print is handmade - please do be ready to embrace imperfections.

Edition of 100
The next print drop will be on March 1st.
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Free UK shipping.
International shipping is £7 (£7 in total, however many prints are ordered)

Orders will ship w/b March 4th

Please be aware shipping overseas from the UK can occasionally be unpredictable/delayed - give me a shout if you need the print for a specific date!

Inspired by a fatally injured barn owl that landed in our garden late one night in Sept ‘23 - this is the pose he was in when I found him. He was kept warm, safe and hydrated overnight but sadly passed away in the morning at the vets. I was devastated but resolved to commemorate the owl in my next print.

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