Coming soon

Riso Surpriso

£20.00 - £45.00

In every Riso print run there are few that have more noticeable misprints… rogue ink in a noticeable place, a bit of ghosting, a bit too inky etc etc

I have a drawer full of the misprints and they look sad every time I open the drawer so it's time to rehome them!

£20 - you'll get at least £40 worth of Riso prints (likely more) if they were full price
£30 - at least £60 worth of Riso prints
£45 - at least £90 worth of Riso prints

I don't take requests (it's dependent on what's in The Drawer) but if there's any that you already have then let me know, or if you'd like a particular size…

Instead of being individually backed and wrapped, prints may be grouped together.