Riso Banana Seal

Riso Banana Seal

£25.00 - £65.00

“Banana Seal” Riso print

* Lilac and light green
* Red and light pink
* Sky blue and fluoro yellow

30 x 21cm
Each printed on Cyclus 200gsm paper in edition of 110.

Free UK shipping.
International shipping is £5 (£5 in total, however many prints are ordered)

**SHIPPING TO THE STATES: delivery to the USA has, in some cases, been very slow due to issues with the Mail centre in Chicago. If you’re in the States, be prepared for a potentially long wait for items to arrive… it’s all out of my control unfortunately.**

Riso Banana Seal Image 2 Riso Banana Seal Image 3 Riso Banana Seal Image 4
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