High Horse

High Horse


A hand carved linocut.

Printed in oil based ink on 33 x 33cm (ish) 150gsm printmaking paper

Edition of 23 - each print will be signed and numbered.

Free UK shipping.
International shipping is £5 (£5 in total, however many prints are ordered)

***please be aware that shipping to some countries, especially the States, can be exceptionally slow. If you’re in a rush then get in touch first!***

High Horse Image 2 High Horse Image 3 High Horse Image 4
Long Otter
Seal of Disapproval
£55.00 - £65.00
Ass Purr Usual
Pangolin It To Win It
Duck Duck Mousse
£60.00 — Sold out
Banana Seal
£30.00 — Sold out
£18.00 — Sold out
Semi Snaked
Oh Heck
Ribbit for her Pleasure
£70.00 — Sold out
Come and Ha’Fugu If You Think You’re Hard Enough
It’s a Chicken Bag
£30.00 — Sold out
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